5 Tips to find the best settlement agent for you

1. Find a Licensed Settlement Agent you can trust.

Settlement is the important final stage in the sale or purchase of a property where all conditions in the Contract of Sale need be satisfied and large amounts of money change hands. You can choose your settlement agent and it is worth a bit of research to find a settlement agent who can provide the experience and peace of mind you need.

2. Communication

Do you like face to face contact, assistance with completing forms and in house identification? Or do you prefer contact to be more at arms length – by email/mail/phone? (We get on with it and let you know when it s done). Make sure you find an agency that understands and can accommodate your requirements.

3. Size of Agency

Generally smaller agencies handle a smaller number of contracts and are therefore more likely to know you and the intricacies of your file and be able to dedicate an appropriate amount of time in getting your file ready for an on-time settlement.

4. Cost

The cheapest quote is not always the best. Consider how much time can possibly be dedicated to your file for the amount of money you are spending. Also beware added extras on top of your settlement fee to take you by surprise when you get your final statement.

5. Consider Location of the Settlement Agent

It is handy, although not essential to choose a local settlement agent depending on your communication needs as per point 2. In our case we are based in Midland and are convenient for the Midland, Hills and surrounding areas.

We can help you!
Sure Settlements - Settlement Agents Midland and Perth Hills - specialises in Western Australian property transactions. Whether you are looking to purchase a residential, commercial, strata, or rural property, our highly skilled settlement agents/lawyers will oversee your transaction and ensure legal requirements are properly complied with. Give Liz a call today on 9274 0044 for a free, highly competitive quote or visit our main Settlements page for more information.

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